About Us

At Yalla Candle Company, our candles are made using 100% soy wax  in order to promote a cleaner and longer lasting burn. High quality fragrance oils along with eco friendly materials are used to create our candles and send a little bit of joy and positivity your way. We hope our candles will remind people to stop and take a moment to enjoy the small and simple things, as these are the things that yield the greatest joys.

What Does Yalla Mean?

Yalla is an Arabic word that translates to “lets go”, but it is a word that also embodies movement, action, encouragement and positivity. It is one of the most commonly used words in the Arabic language due to its versatility. Though a small word, its influence is tremendous.

We all have our personal dreams, ideas, and goals that we say we are going to do one day. These thoughts linger in the back of our minds, but we become attached to our obligations and responsibilities that they often are forgotten. We keep saying to ourselves that one day we will have the time do the things we want, and before we know it, we no longer have the drive or the energy to do them.

Yalla is the word used to give a little nudge of support and encouragement.

My goal was to create something that would resonate with others and remind them of the joys of the smaller things. Creating a small business has been an adventure and one that I am thankful for. I spent months debating whether I could even take on such a venture. I was afraid of taking the risks, the uncertainty, and ultimately failing.  However, I knew that if I kept waiting for the perfect time, it would not happen

So Why the name Yalla?

Yalla was the inner mantra I used to encourage myself to keep moving. I would say:

“Yalla, let’s do it”.

“Yalla, what are you waiting for?”

“Yalla, why not?” 

Naturally, Yalla became the name of the company because it reflected the purpose and energy of our product.

We hope that the spirit of Yalla makes it into your home and tickles your senses. I hope that it reminds you to do the things you want now instead of tomorrow. I hope it gives you the encouragement to do the things that make you happy, regardless of your doubts and insecurities.

Yalla…. Enjoy!